The Basic Outline of APA Style Essay

What You Should Know When Writing APA Style Essay

Two most widely used citation styles are APA and MLA. These define the format of the essay in terms of in-text citations and references arrangement in the Works Cited or Reference page. APA style essay follows certain format which means sticking to the rules of research paper or essay organization and citation formatting set by the authoritative body which is American Psychological Association.

There are also a set of rules used to organize information within the reference item as well as general formatting of the paper. APA style essay has the following page format: double-spaced and left-justified text of the paper; one inch margins on all sides; tab indented paragraphs.

The title page of APA style essay is as follows:

Containing page number placed between top edge of the paper and the first line of text;

Page header contains first three words from the title and is placed in the upper right corner above;

The running head is only on the title page put in upper case not exceeding 50 characters (punctuation and spaces included). In case of lengthy titles, the running head can be ended with a completely written word but not split one. Running head is positioned at the left margin below the page header.

The title of the paper in upper and lower case letters is centered and positioned in the upper half of the page. If it is lengthy, use double space between the lines.
The authors name or student name is placed below the last line of the title in upper and lower case letters.

The institutional affiliation or class in upper and lower case is below the authors name.

Every information used in an essay or research paper which is not the part of personal knowledge should be documented in the body of the text in the form of in-text citation and at the end of the paper in the References page where complete information about the source is indicated.

Different types of essay formats written in APA citation style will have the same formatting of the cover page, in-text citations and references. The rules applied to references are more complicated and voluminous than requirements to title page formatting. However, the basic model of APA style essay reference is like that:

  • Author (Abbr.) Date Title Volume Place of Publication
  • Publisher other relevant Information

  • In-text citations are like that: (Author 2011) or (Author 2011, pp. 100-101)

If you are the beginner

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This basic APA style essay outline is based on the information of Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Fifth Edition, 2001 which we have referred and give credit for.

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