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Trắc nghiệm Reading tiếng Anh lớp 9 Unit 6: Viet Nam Then and Now

Bài tập Unit 6 tiếng Anh 9 mới: Viet Nam Then And Now phần Reading (kỹ năng đọc) có đáp án gồm nhiều dạng bài tập trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh 9 chương trình mới khác nhau như: Đọc đoạn văn tìm và tìm câu trả lời đúng sai; Điền từ thích hợp vào chỗ trống hoàn thành đoạn văn tiếng Anh; Đọc đoạn văn và chọn câu trả lời đúng. Mời bạn đọc tham khảo, download tài liệu phục vụ việc học tập và giảng dạy Unit 6 hiệu quả.

Tiếng Anh 9 Unit 6: Viet Nam Then And Now

Nằm trong bộ đề Trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh lớp 9 mới theo Unit, Bài tập Tiếng Anh 9 mới Unit 6 Reading có đáp án dưới đây do sưu tầm và đăng tải. Đề ôn tập Unit 6 lớp 9 xoay quanh chủ đề Viet Nam Then and Now – Việt Nam xưa và nay giúp các em học sinh tích lũy thêm nhiều Từ vựng – Ngữ pháp tiếng Anh chủ đề bài học hiệu quả.

Bài 1. Read the passage, and choose the correct answer A, B, C or D for each question.

In the old days, Vietnamese roads were seen with bicycles and a few trucks. Now they are full of a variety of vehicles. The Vietnamese carry a huge load of a variety of goods up to over one hundred kilograms, especially during the war.

Time has gone by and fewer bikes are visible in the street. In big cities, many people think that bicycles belong to the inferior classes and seem unfashionable. That is why people often find it hard – psychologically and physically – to park their bikes when going to a modern cafe or shopping malls.

Motorbikes are the main mode of transport in Viet Nam, with 24 million of them in a country of 87 million people in 2009, one of the highest ratios in the world. More motorbikes of all brands have dominated the road. The mobility which motorbikes provide is so crucial to workers in big cities. Some youths try to show off with expensive motorbikes of famous brands. Almost anything can be transported on a motorcycle. The loads include baskets of fruits, tree trunks, live pigs, flocks of live ducks and stacked crates of raw eggs. Two thirds of Viet Nam’s population of 85 million arc under 30, and the motorcycle has become the center of youth culture.

Question 1: Nowadays, bicycles ………….

A. become more visible in the streets

B. are looked down on by some people

C. are used in the war

D. can’t be parked outside a modern café

Question 2: The most important thing that makes motorbikes become the most popular means of transport in big cities may be that ………….

A. the Vietnamese often carry a huge load of a variety of goods

B. a large number of young people own motorbikes

C. there are expensive motorbikes with famous brands

D. young people can easily move around in big cities by motorbike

Question 3: According to the passage, all of the following arc true EXCEPT that ……….

A. the density of bicycles is still high

B. Viet Nam has one of the highest vehicle densities is the world

C. motorbikes are very popular among young people

D. bicycle was used as a means of transportation during the war

Question 4: We can infer from the passage that ……………

A. there are some regulations about transport by motorbike

B. expensive motorbikes of famous brands are dominating the road

C. the majority of Viet Nam’s population is young

D. cycling has become fashionable recently

Question 5: The word “dominated” in paragraph 3 is closest in meaning to …………..

A. controlled over a place

B. blocked a place

C. been the most obvious

D. played a role

Đáp án:

1. A 2. B 3. A 4. C 5. A

Bài 2. Choose the word or phrase among A, B, C or D that best fits the blank space in the following passage.

During the war, children wore straw hats to (1) …….. themselves from debris. Houses and schools were bombed and destroyed. Many children were made (2)….. and their schools had to be moved around or lessons sometimes had to (3)……. after dark to avoid being targeted by heavy bombing. Many schools had its roof (4)…….. with several layers of straw to withstand the (5)……… of the bombs. Life for children was very hard in both the North and South of Viet Nam during the war.

Young people were (6)…….. of their duty to serve their country. Even young girls took part in the war efforts by digging bomb shelters. Children took first-aid courses after school so that they could (7)………. injured people.

Childhood years of children born in the 1960s are (8)…….. As innocent children, they went to school (9)……… straw hats in the sounds of American jet fighters in the sky and the shots from Vietnamese anti-aircraft guns.

Nowadays, they are proud that they came through those hardships. They had their heads held (10)……… walking out of the war.

Question 1:



Question 2:





Question 3:

B.take place happened


Question 4:




D.being covered

Question 5:





Question 6:





Question 7: for

B.take after

C.take care about

Question 8:





Question 9:

A.wear wear


D.that wear

Question 10:





Đáp án:

1. C 2. B 3. B 4. C 5. D
6. D 7. B 8. B 9. C 10. B

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