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Trắc nghiệm Tiếng Anh lớp 8 Unit 6 có đáp án số 2

Tiếng Anh 8 Unit 6: Folk Tales

Đề thi trắc nghiệm trực tuyến ôn tập Tiếng Anh Unit 6 lớp 8 có đáp án dưới đây nằm trong bộ đề Bài tập Tiếng Anh lớp 8 theo từng Unit năm học 2018 – 2019 do sưu tầm và đăng tải. Bài tập trắc nghiệm Tiếng Anh 8 được biên tập bám sát chương trình giúp học sinh lớp 8 củng cố kiến thức đã học về Từ vựng, cấu trúc Ngữ pháp của Thì Quá khứ đơn, Quá khứ tiếp diễn hiệu quả.

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Trắc nghiệm Tiếng Anh lớp 8 Unit 6 có đáp án

Bạn có nhận ra idol Kpop qua hình ảnh thời thơ ấu?

  • Choose the correct answer for each following question.
  • 1. A_______ can be an ancient story about brave people or magical events that are probably not true.
  • 2. The main_________ of the fable “The Tortoise and the Hare” are a tortoise and a hare.
  • 3. A/ An_______ is a human-like creature, but it is extremely tall, strong and often bad and cruel.
  • 4. The fox used his tricks to get food from the crow. What a_______ fox!
  • 5. The Snow White’s stepmother is_________ . She has tried to kill her several times.
  • 6. A good_______ quickly chanted a magic spell to change the curse.
  • 7. In folk tales like Little Red Riding Hood, the_______ is always bad.
  • 8. One day, Mai An Tiem________ a bird eating a red fruit.
  • 9. ______ to the princess at midnight last night?
  • 10. When Tam__________ her hair, Cam _______all fish from Tam’s basket into hers.
  • Read the following story and choose the best answer for each question.
    Once upon a time, there lived in Morocco one of the richest men on earth. He was King Jodas. He loved gold more than anything else in the world except his lovely, young daughter with silky, black hair and sparkling eyes. Whenever King Jodas walked among his fruit trees and flower bushes, he wished he could turn them all into gold.
    Early one morning, a god called Terrus came to visit King Jodas in his palace. He came to reward King Jodas for doing him a favour. Terrus offered to grant King Jodas whatever he wanted on earth. The King immediately asked that everything he touched be turned into gold. Terrus unwiilingly granted King Jodas his wish and vanished.
    Everything was fine till one fateful day. The King wept aloud in despair as he hugged a golden figurine he loved so much. He did not mean to turn her into gold. He begged Terrus to take away the curse of the golden touch.
  • 1. Which of the following was King Jodas’ most favoured?
  • 2. King Jodas’ love for gold tells me that he was_________________ ,
  • 3. Terrus was in Morroco because he________________ .
  • 4. King Jodas cried because __________________.
  • 5. Which of the following titles is the most suitable for the story?
  • Find out the mistake.
  • 1.
    Over two thousand years ago, there were living a good king and his queen.
  • 2.
    The woodcutter worked in the woods with his friends at half past eleven two days ago.
  • 3.
    When the prince waited outside the cave, he saw two ogres walk toward him.
  • 4.
    Tiet Lieu was making Banh Chung and Banh Day while other princes prepared their special food.
  • 5.
    Little Red Riding Hood was meeting a wolf when she was walking to her grandmother’s house.
  • Put the verbs in brackets into the Past Simple or Past Continuous tense.
  • 1. Last night I (read)________ when suddenly I (hear)__________ a shout.
  • 2. The postman (come)_________ while I (have) __________ lunch.

    came – was having

  • 3. When we (go)__________ out, it (rain) ______________.

    went – was raining

  • 4. (you/watch)____________ TV when I (phone) ____________ you?

    Were you watching – phoned

  • 5. We (meet)____________ Ann at the party yesterday, she (wear)_____________a lovely white dress.

    met – was wearing

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